Safe Sex Tips During Pregnancy

  • Edge of couch Missionary:- edge of couch missionary is a good replacement for the missionary position and in this position, you both will get complete satisfaction with safe sex.
  • Doggy style:- doggy style position is good for the second trimester, las vegas bdsm recommend this sex position as it gives satisfaction without any load or harm to belly or baby.
  • Leapfrog:- leapfrog is a good sex position during your second trimester as it helps you and your husband a great resting position which gives good orgasm without heavy moments or fatigue.
  • Cowgirl:-escorts recommend cowgirl position for a woman during their second trimester as it will give you a dominating position and you can control the speed and level of sex according to your comfort.
  • Spooning:- during the third trimester, belly is at its full size thus bdsm las vegas recommend spooning position as it gives you a side rest position and your partner penetrates from behind giving you a secure penetration.
  • Reverse Cowgirl:- escorts recommend reverse cowgirl as this position gives complete support to your belly and make you enjoy your sex without any stress on the womb.

All these sex positions will give you a good sex routine during pregnancy and if you feel any kind of pain or irritation during these position, you can change the positions. For best experience, bdsm las vegas to experiment with slow sex and focus on oral and anal more if vaginal sex becomes problematic.

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